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I dealt personally with Marzio D'Alessandro who did an exceptional job for me. He was very supportive and always talked things over with me before each stage of the investigation.

The price was very reasonable and that was always discussed at each stage, along with Alex who he works with I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mrs Simpson



We employed Marzio and his team after a little research on the internet and a chat with a few private investigators. There is no GoCompare website that can guide you to the best in the business, you have to go on instinct...

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Please accept my apologies for the delay in writing this, as I have been properly snowed under of late!

I wanted to write to express not only my gratitude, but that of my family, for the incredible and astonishing job your organisation did in helping and supporting us when my nephew was abducted by his Thai mother.

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Private Detectives Glasgow and Private Investigators Glasgow

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Freephone 08000149049 or 07783042434 from mobiles.

In our capacity as professional private investigators, we can give you the answers to questions you may have about a business or personal issue.

We ensure you will be satisfied with the results we can achieve using our highly trained private investigators whatever your situation.

Our extensive experience means that we know people can be cautious and apprehensive when considering hiring a private investigator.

Our Private Investigation Services are available in Glasgow

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Typically available between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday orders will be processed Monday morning.

Questions, queries or concerns, please call our office on 0207 183 8376 during working hours – Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 12pm.


About us

Reuniting family and friends

Nowadays, it is becoming more commonplace to hire a private investigator to find evidence of your partner cheating. Whether you are married or not, we can find out if your partner is cheating. Our matrimonial investigators have widespread knowledge in this area. We are one of the leading firms in Glasgow  that provide this service.

After several years in the business we have literally helped thousands of people reunite with their family and friends. As far as matrimonial (partner) issues particularly with “cheating partners”, we provide surveillance and advice should you think or discover that your partner is cheating on you. We also provide trackers for cars to trace the person he/she might be cheating with. Our private investigators work with the latest tracking equipment on the market. 

Lastly but not least we are an accredited private detective service and the links to our memberships including our main membership “wapi”(world association of professional investigators) are below.


Our private investigation services include:-

Cheating  Finding evidence on cheating partners

Please feel free to look around our Private Investigation website to find the multitude range of services that we offer. Please click on the links below which are found next to our accreditation membership symbols. There is also twitter, linkedin and Facebook links so you can follow me in our day to day business. 

We have all the latest specialist equipment and surveillance operatives to help us find out the truth and we can help you gather evidence that will give you answers. We have a wealth of experience in these sorts of private investigations, so please feel free to contact our Glasgow office and we will be happy to help you. 

Our team consists of professionally trained financial investigators who specialise in fraudulent transfers of either a personal or business nature. Our private investigation specialists are trained in retrieving funds and searching for and finding hidden assets.  We deal with bankruptcy, fraud, embezzlement, identity theft and money laundering.  Should you require a financial inquiry which involves misconduct, dispute resolution, due diligence, asset recovery, or litigation, we have the skill, background and professionalism that makes a huge difference.
Our financial investigators will analyse records and provide you with a detailed summery that will be presented in a way that is acceptable in court proceedings. Please call our Glasgow office for further information. 
We can help you get what is rightfully yours if you have been mislead or have had money stolen and we are also able to search assets that have been well hidden. Call our private investigator team in the Glasgow for more information. 
So if you find yourself or your company in need of financial investigation to resolve issues or disputes, please give us a call. We are happy to help, whatever your situation and are the best in the Glasgow for this service. 


Tracing debtors or missing family membersWe are specialist private investigators in finding debtors, missing people, family and friends etc nationally or internationally. We are able to work with very barely any information to trace your birth family if you were adopted and we have ways and means to find them for you. It is our honour to reunite families and if we are able to find who you are looking for there may well be no fee. If we don’t find what you are looking for there will be no fee. Please call our Glasgow office for more information. 

As far as surveillance goes, it is vital that we have as much knowledge as possible about the target before we can begin the surveillance. 
We can provide solutions for cooperate and personal issues. We are the best in the Glasgow area and our fees are extremely competitive so you can ensure that you get the best surveillance operatives for some of the lowest fees. 
We have private investigators in the Glasgow that have worked in the Military or police services and we have made sure that they have the highest qualification in surveillance – BTEC Level 4. Surveillance operatives provide a service for a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Polygraph Services
Polygraph test (or lie detector tests) can be used to detect dishonesty or to prove someone’s innocence and can save time and money in the longer term by avoiding long investigations. This type of testing has been found to be 98% correct and is a very good tool to help detect dishonesty.
This can be an invaluable test when wanting to find answers that you need be it domestic, corporate or criminal issues. Our professional Polygraph Examiners are fully trained with this equipment and our lie detector service in Glasgow is reliable and highly accurate. Please contact one of our private investigation teams if you have any queries about this service in Glasgow.  


We are able to provide GPS tracking devices which are magnetically placed under the car. This will monitor and record all the addresses (including postcodes), dates, times and the duration that the car was in those areas. You will also be able to login to a computer and watch the movements, live, of the car. You don’t need to have much knowledge of computers to be able to do this. Once the tracker has recorded enough information, we will provide you with all the data of the tracker.
We feel that armed with the solid evidence of a cheating partner, your marriage/relationship, may well be revived by this confrontation showing them that you have firm proof. Should your case ever go to court, this evidence may well give you an advantage. 
We believe that using GPS tracking devices, it will give you peace of mind if you have any doubts as to whether or not your partner is cheating. Please call to speak to one of our private investigators in our Glasgow office today for more information. 
More information on our tracking services can be found here ...

New Identity 
Changing your identityThere are a number of reasons why you might want to change your identity. Here at the Glasgow branch, we are able to assist you in this matter. Some of the reasons for wanting to have a new identity are to avoid debt collectors, bailiffs, stalkers and officials to name just a few. The key to protecting your privacy is to hide yourself and your assets.
To enable you to do this, you need to be able to hide yourself and your assets, including where you live so you can’t be put under surveillance.
Our private investigators have the skills and knowledge to be able to help you conceal your identity and get on with your life without the worry of being found by those you would rather not! Although this may seem like an extreme step, it is completely legal.


We are able to serve documents on the most evasive of subjects and from the moment you instruct us we can update you on our progress as often as you require. We work extensively in the Glasgow area.  We are able to serve papers such as petitions for divorce, summons, injunctions, contact orders, freezing orders amongst others.
Our Glasgow private investigation detectives servers quickly and effectively process service of all manner of of legal process upon respondents throughout the UK. Our private investigators can talk through your needs in more details, so please call our Glasgow office for more information. 

Background Checks / Investigations in Glasgow

This is a standard part of all investigations including background checks of employment and personal background checks. We look into these different categories and do the checks to confirm if the person involved is either reliable, honest and qualified or indeed suitable for a job or personal relationship.  It is standard now in companies to require a background check nowadays and we are one of the foremost companies in Glasgow for background searches

Please call our Glasgow office and someone will be happy to assist you. 





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